Monday, August 18, 2008

Unemployment Day 1

7 am - got up, ran some errands.

8.30 am - parked car at Tanglin Mall, hoofed it to American Embassy.

9.30 am - took my attorney's oath, headed for breakfast at McDonalds while mucking a bit on the PSP.

10.30 am - headed home to change to gym clothes.

11.20 am - met friends at Jurong East Sports Council gym, was disappointed aerobics studio was not covered by gym admittance fee, worked out on treadmill, weights and incline board instead.

1 pm - headed out for lunch, yakked with friends over tea. Noted that today was like we were 13 again.

2.30 pm - headed for mom's home with friends in tow for an impromptu game of Dark Heresy.

5.30 pm - friends headed home, played with PSP some more.

8 pm - had dinner, watched Prime Minister's Rally, laughed my arse off.

9.30 pm - headed home, blogged, chatted online.

12 midnight - sleepzzzz


I could get used to this, except I know I won't.

I've always been somewhat envious of people who know what their direction is. The best I can say about my life is that it is a series of unanswered or half-answered questions, like a infinitely divergent fractal pattern.

Part of the issue with me is that I do many things sort-of-well, but nothing truly exceptionally well. I love singing, except my voice is okay but not fantastic. I love acting, but I'm not tall, nor exceptionally pleasant-looking. I love debating but my mind moves faster than my mouth. I love writing but I've got more ideas than words to express them with. I love reading but each page I read just gives me more questions.

If you are clearly good at one thing, it's pretty darned obvious what you should be doing. If you do a million things sort of okay, then how do you decide what to do?

If you have only one burning question that you want answered, it's pretty darned obvious that the answer should set you in the right path. If you have a million questions to ask, which one do you ask first?

What should you do, if you can do anything? Is one choice really better than the other?


The Disappearing Man said...

Damn, you've stumbled upon my secret. ;)

I'd be the last to say I do anything very well. Some things better than others, and some things better than average. But in the larger scheme, nothing earth-shattering.

If you went by the standard of ability/talent, I shouldn't be devoting so much time and energy to swordsmanship. But heck - it's the most fun thing I know to do, and it's actually good for me.

What I'm getting at is that you do the thing you want to do, and if there are no better or worse questions then just start anywhere cause it really doesn't matter. And then the growth happens, serendipitously.

Anonymous said...

You do not have to be tall, nor exceptionally pleasant-looking to act. In debating, your mind is suppose to move faster so you do not shoot your mouth off:)

But, your point was well presented. Was just wondering recently on the quote, "Do what you love and you never have to work a day." Guess the problem is, most of us do not have one overshadowing passion or are unable to identify it.