Thursday, December 06, 2007

Word of the Day III


  1. the quality of being suitable, useful or convenient
  2. anything that makes for an easier life
  3. a convenient time, especially in the phrase at one's convenience
  4. (mostly UK) a public toilet
Conversations with fellow corvidae lead to strange thoughts, especially when one speaks to others later in the week.

A conversation later in the week spun forth additional vectors of thought that I now seek to bind into runes. Context is everything in my craft, but I fear I may only present part-context in this case. Suffice it to say, the word of the day is in the context of romantic relationships.

For a word that is of fairly common usage, I find it damnably difficult to bind the various vectors in my thoughts into a useable form. The problem I face is that convenience is itself a mutable concept.

Would one enter into a relationship of convenience? The intuitive answer is both no and yes - "no" because no one wants to be the object of convenience, "yes" because, well, what else is a relationship but a coincidence of the right emotions, at the right place and time?

On further probing, I realise that the problem is not that the vectors cannot be bound, but just that the vectors are individual. I can abstract to the point where all individual concepts containing convenience can be bound, but in doing so, I bind a lot of non-related concepts alongside it. I can bind the vectors I am aware of individual, but that rune would only function for myself.

In short, I can bind them, but to do so would not be convenient.

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