Monday, November 12, 2007

Armour Upgrade

Midevil Teddy Medium Armor

This is the latest iteration of my armour. I've dropped the coif, and added a gorget and spaulders to the mix. In addition, I'm now wearing knee cops (not shown in this picture), and will be adding elbow cops, a breastplate and possibly a helm, and my kit will be complete.

I've originally aimed for a Milanese style kit, but my kit is starting to look more Early Gothic Transitional, which is just as well.

Demo Team Upgrade

Princess' Bodyguards

Demo Team Upgrade 2

Arrowhead Compagnia

The rest of the demo team has obtained upgrades too. Here my knee cops are visible.

Tome and I

2nd Drill in Motion

Tome and I are still primary sparring partners, even in demos. Tome prefers staying at a distance while I prefer going up close and punching/grappling. It's still a toss up whose style will eventually dominate. Here, the ending is scripted - it casts no aspersions on Tome's ability as a fighter, the pesky dance-around-er. :)

Midevil Dinner

The boys with some well-deserved R&R after the demo.


Tome said...

The "pesky dancer-around-er" says: "I have a $600 sword. Doesn't make sense if I don't use it more." :p

Aspersions aside, you're currently better at closing distances to grapple than I am at maintain distance to strike, you smelly sticky grappler, you.

Anthony said...

That's only because you're currently backing off. Your sidestepping is improved a lot and you've figured out that I actually have great difficulty changing direction.