Thursday, July 26, 2007

Word of the Day II

  1. (UK, Australian English, New Zealand English, slang, pejorative) An idiot, a stupid, annoying or ineffectual person.
  2. (UK, Australian English, New Zealand English, slang, pejorative) Someone who shows off too much. Someone who is overly proud of himself.
Don't ask what brought this about.


Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Cheer up dude, don't dwell. Let me make some off-topic recommendations to you since you have an intense interest in medieval affairs especially warfare?

Have you read Sir Charles Oman's 'A History of the Art of War in the Middle Ages' Volumes 1 and 2?

It is worth reading. So is his 'A History of the Art of War in the Sixteenth Century'.

All four of Hans Delbruck's history of warfare books are worth reading.

These seven books more or less pertains to ancients, medieval and renaissance warfare. They are classics in their field.

Anthony said...

Shyue Chou,

Trust you to recommend me that stuff. I haven't read any of it. I've got a backlog of books so large that I'm convinced if I buy them all I'd need to take out a second mortgage.

That being said, I'll check out those recommendations.


BlackRX said...

my role model tony, I've had a nasty week that I don't want to dwell on, in some part due to an entity similar in more ways to your word of the day than previously thought.

If you wanna dwell or chill out, call me, let's meet up or something. I (too?) could use company.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

You appreciate medieval warfare and renaissance warfare. And I think you can appreciate the real-life dynamics of the weapons systems (and not be influenced by the silly interplay found in RPGs and so forth).