Sunday, August 13, 2006

Almost Home

One more weekend, a Monday, then I fly off Tuesday. I return August 17th, Singapore Time. Standing offer to meet up with fellow bloggers. Drop me a mail at khaycelim-at-gmail-dot-com.

The last week has been a slow, drawn out process of watching the apartment disintegrate. The apartment is now one tv, two desks and a computer - almost like the first horrid week I spent here, only in reverse. Sometimes, I see the empty space and I break down and cry.

I worked so hard to put all this together. This is much much harder than I thought. The only thing keeping me going now is that I'm coming home in 3 days. I'm counting them down.


BlackRX said...

Bro (yes, Bro with a capital "B"), I'm sending you another email to set things up.

Jim Profit said...

"I'm coming home, my time is done."

~autolycus said...

Missed Sporeday, missed m'birday, but you had better be home on time! *grin* See you soon!

Alphabet Moppet said...

I don't really know you well but i like to meet strangers. Can always drop me an email if you have a slot for me and the stomach for some caffeine - hellotwit at hotmail :)

-ben said...

I would use the trite adage, "one step at a time," but then so did Rosencrantz and Guildenstern in Tom Stoppard's Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead. Therefore, I wish you well instead.

Have a safe trip, Anthony.

Anonymous said...

"Mari kita, lau teng pwah toh lau kar!" - Chow Ah Beng.

Ivy said...

HI Anthony- not completely related to your blog, but you made first comment on my newly started blog! :) Thanks- sorry, i'm not sure about the protocol with linking, i hope i didn't create any complications for you.

Since i haven't officially started blogging, in case you were wondering- i enjoy your blog because you are able to keep moving, in the face of anything, it would seem. My dad has always tried to impress that upon me, and i was amazed to find someone whose blog demonstrates all those things he says we should aspire to.

:) That and you tend to have some funny mates whose various activities seem to affect us all- e.g that guy whose job offers resulted (kidding) in the WTC coming down!

Anyhoo, sorry about the essay, thanks for not minding about the link~

And good luck. I have faith in you, if only from the strength you display in your writing.

nofearSingapore said...

Hi Anthony,
If you are the same anthony who chastised me recently ( even if you are not), good luck to your marriage.
Don't give up till it's truly gone. Time is a marvelous healer. Try it,
Enjoy your respite in Sg,

Anthony said...

Doctor H,

No, I'm not the same Anthony. I -will- log on to comment.


Thanks for the praise. I'm glad you enjoyed my blog. Don't worry about the links. I'm just a nosy parker who regularly does ego technorati searchs.