Sunday, June 04, 2006

What I Wished Bar Exams Looked Like

Question 1

Your DM offers your Level 4 Fighter the choice of a +1 Flaming Longsword and a +2 Longsword. Your choice depends on:

(a) Your to-hit roll
(b) Your Strength
(c) Your AC
(d) The spread between your to-hit and your enemies' AC

Question 2

You must talk to the following person to obtain the Drakefire Amulet:

(a) Rexxar
(b) Thrall
(c) Onyxia
(d) General Drakksaith

Question 3

Assume you watched Star Wars Episodes 1, 2 and 3 and read PvP. Select the most accurate choice. "_______ is my master now."

(a) Darth Vader
(b) The Emperor
(c) Joss Whedon
(d) Han Solo

Essay Question 1

Explain, with special reference to the weapon size damage charts on Version 3.5 DMG page 25, your optimal level 20 monk build. Explain your choices of race, class and equipment. Assume that you are only allowed material from WotC source material only and you can only use material from ONE setting, (i.e Greyhawk, Forgotten Realms, or Eberron).


Back to studying.


Zachary Drake said...

Well, #1 is D. If you are almost always hitting your enemies, the extra d6 damage is more useful than the additional +1 attack and damage. If you need extremely high rolls to hit your opponents, the extra +1 attack could be more useful. In typical circumstances, I think the flaming longsword is the better bet.

There may be other considerations. If you like poison, for example, a +1 flaming longsword may be less useful than a +2 longsword. There may be feats/options that you plan to use that favor the +2 longsword (e.g. power attack using two hands) or the +1 flaming longsword (e.g. extensive use of flaming oil or web spells).

Not too sure about the others, but with some thought I bet I could give a good answer to #4.

Apocalyptic Wen said...

#1 - d
#2 - a
#3 - c

Essay: A level 20 monk doesn't need equipment, and race doesn't matter because at level 20 a monk is considered an outsider.

Now quick, give me my rules lawyer diploma.

Anthony said...

Zach is correct on question 1.

Wen is correct on all three MCQ questions and completely wrong on the Essay question.

Zachary Drake said...

I'd tackle question #4, but I have an actual D&D session to prepare for tomorrow, and since this session will not involve a twinked-out 20th level monk, it would not be an optimal use of my "geek time".

~autolycus said...

*grin* your MCQs really do not reflect the learning you have accumulated through many sessions among the cypress trees.

Q1 - answer is (b) if you are going to throw oil followed by flaming longsword; here, the distance you can throw is probably more important...

Q2 - heh, depends on whose campaign you are in, knowing you, I suppose it's (a).

Q3 - it has to be (c), I have a complete Firefly/Serenity collection.

E1 - one presumes you mean 20 monk levels only, but there you have me, you know what my limits are; it is a waste, but Black King/Whithag probably rules otherwise.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...


El Diablo De Verde said...

Interesting. Through a series of links in comment boxes from a couple of blogs, I have stumbled upon your blog.

I'm a former Singaporean residing in California myself. I actually lived in the Bay Area; Sunnyvale, to be exact, and had friends in Santa Clara. Wanted to go to Berkeley, too, for law, but life took a completely different direction shortly after. I took classes at Foothill College in Los Altos Hills.

Right fucking on, though - you sound and seem cool. Any D&D-playing, MMORPG bona fide card carrying geek at CAL can't be too bad. Are you a liberal?

Good luck with the bar exams!

Anthony said...

Hey El Diablo,

White Wolf fan?

Oddly enough, no I'm not a liberal. If I had to classify myself, I'd classify myself as a moderate republican (I use that as the classic meaning of the word, not the current meaning as relates to political parties) with liberal leanings.

I.e, I believe in gun ownership, military might, economic growth and representative government but also in homosexual marriages, more sensible drug control, right to abortion and a bunch of other "liberal" indicators.

El Diablo De Verde said...

Ah, so you're a social liberal. That's cool. You'd probably have to be one at least to survive Berkeley. Sometimes it strikes me how ironic it is, because in the interests of fairness and equality, many "liberal" values really ought to be common sense.

But that's why we fight the good fight.

No, not a White Wolf fan, TSR here, back in the day, but always love RPGs. I'm a screenwriter and it's very interesting how many screenwriters were DMs back when.

Slinky said...

Re question 3: well, duh.

I, too, have to go back to studying instead of watching BTVS season 4. Le sigh.

Anonymous said...

hahahahahahaha! I was cracking up on the choices and I think I'd like to come out with choices about girly stuff. I just finished on the 2007 NY Bar exam and yeah, I wish the question were similar or the equivalent of what you just enumerated. Oh, boy I'm still cracking up! lol! I guess people who have gone through so much stress can laugh so hard at menial things.