Sunday, April 23, 2006

Situation Update

Time for a sitrep.

(1) I've finished my thesis. It's 10 pages longer and 2 topics shorter than what I had intended to write, but it's over, it's done and I'm not looking at it again. I'm fairly sure my supervisor will take it as is.

(2) I'm finally done with my internship. I know I'll miss heading down to the cubicle every other day, but I've got some time for myself at least, except...

(3) My first exam is in a week's time. I've got some serious cramming to do in the upcoming week. That's not gonna stop me from taking breathers though.

(4) For those of you who have been sending me prayers/well-wishes about my financial situation, thank you. Things are looking slightly up. I've got a few prospects for part-time work during the summer, so I won't be forced to loiter on the streets or starve to death, except...

(5) I start bar review courses 4 days after my last exam. These review courses take up every weekday morning for the rest of May-early July, and I'll need to work in the afternoons to pay my rent as well. In short, I'm gonna be working my ass off during summer.

(6) For those of you who have been worried on my behalf about my visa situation, I'm glad to report a few more new prospects. It's way too early to tell if any of these things pan out, but I've got more than 1 decent opportunity in the works. I'm fairly confident that at least one of them will turn out well.

Thanks all, for those of you who have been putting up with my whining.


anantya said...

TADAA!! congratulations! :)

Anthony said...


A bit too early for that. But things are looking up. Thanks!

-ben said...

Thanks all, for those of you who have been putting up with my whining.

Always glad to have you around.

God bless, Anthony.

(Hey, it stopped raining!)

Anthony said...


God bless. Yes, I'm glad it finally stopped raining and cherry blossoms are in bloom.

alchemist said...

hola! grats. remember old friends are always around for you, especially the really old ones. *grin*

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

What? No electoral update or commentary?