Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Zhng My Books

I am -such- a geek. Given a choice between zhnging my car and zhnging my books, I'd almost always pick the latter.

Hence, I am extremely appreciative of living in Berkeley. One of the perks of living in Berkeley is that you're in a place where cool authors visit. One of the downsides of -studying- in Santa Clara while -living- in Berkeley is that you're usually away when that happens.

In September, Cody's, a bookstore 15 minutes walk away from my house, brought in Neil Gaiman -AND- Terry Pratchett. Except on both the days they were around, I wasn't. At least, I -think- I wasn't. I didn't even remember they were popping by.

To make matters worse, I had none of my Pratchett books with me, and I don't own a single Gaiman book. Yeap, not a single one. Not American Gods. Not Anansi Boys. Not Neverwhere. Not a single Sandman comic. No book zhnging. Damn.

I figured body autographs were just out of the question anyway.

Well, at least Lois McMaster Bujold will be popping by in October. Hopefully I'll be able to catch her.

Anyone wishing to pledge their firstborn/sell an organ/donate to my non-existent scholarship fund in exchange for zhnged (Read: Autographed) books are very welcome to email me at khaycelim-at-gmail-dot-com. Perks for those who know me. I'm good that way.

P.S I saw an autographed copy of Anansi Boys still available at Cody's I think. Pre-zhnged books. Anyone wants?


brendywendy said...


u changed the title. where can?

sorry to hear abt your bad luck with the authors man.

tks for linking me. :)

Anthony said...

Changed the title cos I read mr brown's hilarious account of "zhng my car".

-ben said...

Didn't know you enjoy having your books autographed by authors as well.

Speaking of hindsight, I should have taken one of my professor's advice and tracked down Professor Stephen Jay Gould before he passed away. If I did that, my collection of his books would be infinitely more valuable--sentimentally speaking.

Anthony said...

Hey! Long time no hear from you.

Yes, I enjoy autographed copies. My pride and joy -was- an entire set of mint autographed William Gibsons, less Neuromancer cos someone else apparently loved him more than I did, and Idoru, which I can't stand. :D

I'm sure that autographs do make a book more valueable but for me it's more sentimental than anything else.

Slinky said...

Neil Gaimaaaaan!! He was in Singapore NAD I MISSED HIM BECAUSE I WAS WORKING!

I could have cried.

Ben - I love Sephen Gould too!

Mythical said...

Haha I have three autographed Gaimans and a host of lesser lights. I like New York. These guys are all over the place. And autographed books are so common there that you can buy them for the same price as other books...

KnightofPentacles said...

Most of my reading is in non-fiction. Of the fiction I read, most of it is in the sci-fi genre.

The only fantasy genre author to have captured and held my interest so far has been Misty's Valdemar series.

The reclusive author is visiting Perth in SwanCon2006.

zeenie said...

heh heh heh, i've got my hardcover copy of Going Postal Zhnged by TP as well as a copy of the Monstrous Regiment. He's funny as hell and gave a short (1hour) talk that was insightful, interesting and side-achingly humourous. =) Yay me!

Gloria said...

TOR: My Anansi Boys to be zhnged in 2 weeks time, and TP is stopping by this thursday at forbidden planet. One of the perks of living in london. =)